wood preservative containing linseed oil

Container: 0.5 L; 1 L; 3 L; 5 L; 10 L; 20 L

Tar oil is a wood protection product made of linseed oil and pine tar intended for use on outdoor wood surfaces. Suitable for old and new uncoated wood surfaces (walls, roofs, terraces, fences, etc).

Oil is easily absorbed into the wood and protects it from adverse weather conditions. Adds a transparent or semi-transparent water-repellent surface to wood. Wood will not become slippery in case of wet weather. The surface to be coated should be free of dirt, dust and mould. Resin released from wood should be removed. Previously coated surfaces must be cleared down to bare wood.


  • Light tar oil – yellowish brown
  • Dark tar oil – brown
  • Extra tar oil – dark brown

The final shade of the surface depends on the number of layers added, the type and colour of wood treated.

Description (pdf)

Safety file(pdf)